Meet Glewy

Our indexing and analytics engine helps you manage, connect and communicate your team’s work. With Glewy, you can see how things are made and better manage your workflow across different projects.

Why Glewy?

at your fingertips

Glewy answers the essential questions that Product and Engineering teams have by analyzing complex workflow data. 

With Glewy you can better understand:

How Glewy Works

Use what you have

You are already using the best workflow tools.

Glewy uses the data from the tools you have in place today.

Bring it together

Different people use different tools. Designers are in design tools, product managers are planning, and engineers are coding. Tying all these tools together is a challenge.

Let Glewy do the work for you

Gain insight

Glewy lets you look at the work in a new way, and let’s you see how you and the team are working.

Gain insight to work better, waste less time, and get things done.